The Journey to Handstand

Workshop with Robin Tåg at Yoga Lab Barcelona.
Saturday 21st of July 11h00-13h30.

Join and explore how to build a sustainable handstand practice.


– Meditating with the Earth
– Attuning to and using the forces of Gravity and Ground Reaction Force in movement.
– Functional prerequisites for the different variations of a handstand.
– Handstand preparation: mobility, strength and coordination exercises for the vrists, shoulder joints, shouldergirdle and the spine.
– Transition work: Explore transitions into the different variations of a handstand.
– Individual progression: How to progress your handstand practice from the level you are.

The workshop is both for you who are new to handstand as well as for you who want to develop your existing practice.

Early bird 30€, at the door 35€.


Robin is a Physical Therapist, FRC™ Mobility Specialist and Virya Yoga Teacher (E-RYT). He is specialized in Functional Mobility Training, Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation and Mindful Movement. Robin is one of the Co-owners and main Educators at the Nordic Yoga Institute (Stockholm), where he teaches Anatomy, Biomechanics and Asana. For more info about Robins work, please visit


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