Kalarippayat con Alex Kutschera

Kalarippayat is the indigenous martial art from Kerala (South India) and is known to be in practice for more 1500 years.
It has been preserved for many centuries by passing the knowledege from one generation to the other.
It is a holistic martial art that works both ways: how to harm and how to heal, this unique combination makes its a complete Vedic science.

The martial training begins with the development of the physical strength, followed by the mental balance and progresses towards the spiritual improvement.

Each session of Maipayat:
– Starts with an unique warmup sequence called „Lohars“ designed by Buddhist Indian Monks.
– Warmup which opens the energy channels (Nadis) and the muscles.
– Leg swinging exercises „Kaletuppu“ that mobilise the spine and remove the stress from the body, they are also highly recommended as a psychophysical training.
– Forms: Shiva (male) and Shakti (female) in which the animal postures are performed in motion. The sequence varies in up and down movements (jumps, squats, splits) taking as a reference elements such as: Water and Fire.
– After completing the Maipayat practice the state of a warrior is achieved and the student is ready to proceed towards the weapon practice: Kolthari.

Each session of Kolthari:
– Kalari “Lohas” (complete warm-up of the whole body)
– Southern Style Salutation Form
– Long stick rolling
– Partner forms (3 different forms)
– Animal Postures (finishing sequence, cool-down of the body)

The training is open to all levels and each individual can benefit out of it. Everyone is welcome to join the class in order to develop unique warrior identity!


Kolthari (wooden weapon practice):
Friday 16:00-18:00

Class: 120min in English


Teatre Grec, Passeig de Santa Madrona, s/n, 08038 Barcelona


15€ drop in class

Contact: Alexander +34 643675700


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